Inter Ocean Services B.V. was formed in January 1986 as an extension of the Dutch office of Verolme Reunidos do Brasil (VERB). The office location was and is in the Netherlands.


The initiative for this new company came from Mr Cornelis Oskam. Mr Oskam was for 12 years the Import manager employed by VERB. During this time Mr Oskam spent 7 years based in the offices of Mr Pieter Landsberg the then owner and president of VERB gaining invaluable experience and knowledge of the business. His particular responsibility at that time was purchasing, Progressing orders, Inspection and logistic coordination.


The 1990’s saw the deadline of shipbuilding in Brazil and the consequential need for IOS to diversify their operation. Accordingly, and using their very considerable knowledge of Exportation to Brazil a number

Brazilian companies utilised the facilities available from Inter Ocean Services to their advantage.


The Area’s that IOS are currently assisting Brazilian companies are:


       - Heavy industries


       - Mining Industry


       - Off-Shore industry


       - Petrochemical industry


       - Power industry


       - Shipbuilding and Maritime industry


       - Steel industry


Another area where the expertise of IOS is proving to be very acceptable is by advising and assisting non Brazilian companies wishing to Export to Brazil. This facility has proved to be valuable to a number of  Exporters and is expanding.


This expertise includes:


       - Negotiations with Importers;


       - Checking and clarification of import Documentation in particular those involved with

          customs at the point of Import to Brazil


       - The very important aspect of all business – the ability to ensure payments are made and

          received with the minimum of delay (This is also achieved in certain cases by IOS talking

          over responsibility for such payments).