It has become a story of courage and dare, leaving home sweet home and start to build a new future,

   not afraid to jump into the unknown, prepared to make the extra step and above all the unconditional

   support of the family and strong relationship between father and son.



   “On January 9, 1978 an adventure that started when we (my wife and two children) moved to Brazil,

    explains Cor Oskam with a natural enthusiasm. At that time I worked for “Verolme United Shipyards”,

    which later transferred into RSV Holding (Rijn Schelde Verolme), at the Brazil department taking care

    of the imported equipment and material for the yard in Brazil. Due to a planned re- staffing in Brazil,

    trying to improve the efficiency and survivability of the yard I, among others, where invited to come and

    work in Brazil at the yard , taking care of material and equipment to be imported in Brazil.

    I had to learn quickly the local in’s and outs of the import rules, the language, culture and habits.

    This left me with a warm circle of Brazilian friends.”


  Family business


   “About the essence of those years in Brazil?  In one word “FUTURE”. It was the basis for IOS, which I

    started on January 1 ,1986. Main purpose “to act in the shipbuilding and shipping industry market of

    Brazil. Which later on expanded in more industrial areas such as mining, steel industry and heavy steel

    building (pressure vessels). Up to today this is still the work field for IOS, Mark ads.

    Mark started at the age 16, with in the evening hours, free from school, cleaning the office.

    Was it a planned start with IOS?  Not really, I was not pushed, but a short while ago a friend showed

    me a book filled in when I was 10 at school. The question raised was: What do you want to become in

    future? And I replied in his book “Trader at IOS” The apple does not fall far from the tree as it looks like.



  Drive and  enthusiam


    With giant steps we went true the history of IOS what started in Rotterdam than moved to Prinsenbeek

    and due to necessary expansion to Zevenbergen, this was only for a short period as again the amount

    of work and staff increased. That’s why Cor Oskam built a new office in Steenbergen . In 2010, 2 years

    after Mark took over the company , the company moved back to Zevenbergen again. If we are both the

    same type? Both had to deny and laugh Discussions keep you sharp but managed to keep it business

    like and more importantly during working days and hours.


   Mark is from another generation. I must say he has more courage in negotiations where I am more

   careful.Mark confirms that in the field of drive and enthusiasm both are very much the same, and when

   you with your wife and two children make a new start in a strange country, then the “careful part” is not

   the correct term I believe.I am extremely proud, Mark in fact is doing a very good job, maybe better than

   I have done.IOS has been growing the last years and expanded to be a very sound company.



  Loyal customers


   IOS has a good name in the market in which it operates with the old policy,

   “A DEAL IS A DEAL”This is not a saying, this is firm, based on more than 30 years of experience and

    being able to communicate in the Portuguese language and most of all being well informed about the

    Brazilian import laws, which are rather complicated. The biggest strength of IOS is in its name.

    An international purchasing office specialized in the Brazilian market with frequent personal contact

    with clients and proving time after time that we really fulfil our promises.

    Providing the “Service” our client has been expecting and getting over all the years.